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SCAM: Wire Transfer Scam

You are called, usually by a female, interviewed, then selected to receive an assignment. Many victims of this scam have their resume posted on Craigslist or Monster.com.

The scammers send you a cashiers check or money order in advance, usually around $3000.00 to $4000.00

The check looks legitimate, but is fake.

The assignment requires that you wire transfer a portion of the $4000.00, using the same last name as yours, from a wire transfer facility, (most of the time from a Wal-Mart) and most of the time to Canada or another country. You are told to keep the rest of the money (usually $300.00) for completing the assignment and/or training.  By the time you are notified by your Bank that the check you received is no good (fake), you've already sent (wired) your money to the scammers.


Be careful not to give bank information or Social Security  Numbers to companies that offer to place funds in your account. Make sure to thoroughly check out companies that offer jobs too good to be true.  Sometimes you are offered fake assignments for the sole purpose of obtaining your bank information and / or your social security information.  If you are unsure of a Mystery Shopping Company, check with the National Association of Mystery Shoppers or the BBB.

Over 25,000 people we victimized by Mystery Shopping Scams in 2010

“I am so glad I went into your site to check on a money order sent to me to secret shop. I thought it seemed phony and it must be. I had posted my resume on Monster looking for a job. A woman contacted me and interviewed me and then I received the check via ups. I am still interested in job opportunities available for the real thing..secret  shopping.
Can you inform me what states you are in? I couldn't access your locations.”
Thank you     -   Marty B.

Legitimate companies do not charge you to sign up as a mystery shopper.



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