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At Corporate Intelligence Group, our job is to find the best, most reliable shoppers that are serious about their work. So we’re offering ExpressLine Membership.


We recognize there are some great shoppers out there, but often times they are overlooked because of so many applicants with similar experience.  What sets you apart and how do you get noticed and ranked at the top of our schedulers’ list? In other words, how can you get noticed and listed first?


With ExpressLine Membership, you get the chance to prove that you are serious about being a mystery shopper and you get to leapfrog over nonmembers in the selection process. With your Express Line Membership you will be instantly recognized as someone serious about mystery shopping and you will be given priority over nonmember.


Sign Up for ExpressLine Membership it’s only $16.95, just a little over $1.40 a month and get start now.


If ExpressLine is not for you, that ‘s okay. We still urge you apply for free. We’re always in need of mystery shoppers and our needs change from day to day.

ExpressLine Membership does not guarantee assignments, as assignments are based on client needs, shopping availability in your area and other considerations.

ExpressLine Members are sorted randomly for each assignment, improving your chances of being selected if you’ve just signed up.

If you have already fill out an employment application you can skip the application process and Join Here

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